If you want to sample the well known Filipino foods but can’t find a restaurant, or just don’t want to venture out of your abode, then call me and I’ll whip up a delicious dinner for 2 or up to 12, and I am affordable.

One of the appetizers that is popular to the Filipino food group is the deep fried lumpia (loom pee ah), it is like a won ton, or fried dumpling. Filled with anything you desire, from chicken, beef, pork, tofu, veggies or a combination of all those, wrapped in a thin skin wrapper made of wheat or rice, and deep fried and served with an assortment of dips such as vinegar ad garlic, or a spicy fish sauce, or plain shoyu (soy sauce)..

Call me and we’ll figure something out.



Pictured is deep fried lumpia makes a great appetizer, and if you like, I can also prep these for you ahead of time if you have a party you’re hosting in a day or two. I’ll prep them and all you do is deep fry them up when your party starts, there’s nothing like freshly fried lumpia, once the aroma permeates the air, your guests will be ready to delve into it like hungry wolves!

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