©2014 Fresh Luk Fun in wok searing with seasonings.

Wok Cooking is inexpensive generally speaking, and if you have a small gathering we can have a CHOW FUN Dinner any time of the day.

I make my rice noodles (Luk Fun) from scratch, can’t get any better than that. I can whip up enough for just a couple or up to a dozen, and it is like said affordable. It does take time to prep and steam the noodles and cool them and cut them into strips, however once it is done it’s time to have a filling meal. Hey Italians and Asians…we got lots in common and it’s simple filling noodles with great meats, sauces and seasonings.

I can flavor you noodles with black beans, black bean sauce, ginger and garlic with shoyu, or the standard mix of shoyu, oyster sauce, sesame oil with green onions, or a fish sauce.

Luk Fun Noodles with…




Or Seafood

Prices varies, but it is affordable in general. Depending on how much noodle sheets I need to steam up, the total time of the job will be approximately 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

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