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April 2014


My recent purchase of a flat bottom 14″ carbon steel wok from The Wok Shop in San Francisco, CA is the bomb! I had to make breakfast for myself, just a two egg scramble and it worked to perfection. The wok heats up very quickly lending the eggs to not stick. I love Chinese style woks, it’s heaven to cook with


The flat bottom carbon steel work horse with a tablespoon of vegetable oil over setting no. 6 (High).


2 raw eggs ready to be scrambled


Eggs being cooked nicely in the carbon steel flat bottom wok


Eggs cook very quickly in wok, you should try this… can’t wait to make a 4 egg Egg Fu Yung it’ll be a thick juicy product!


And the finished plated 2 egg scramble, just the way I love it, little brown.. the wok does give eggs and everything you cook in it a nice sear. Aloha call email me if you need a personal chef to cook for you and your loved ones.


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Personal Cooking gig in a neighborhood, a rush job, a spur of the moment gig, dinner for four. Will go anywhere from a subdivision to a high end condo or timeshare residence. On this cooking gig it was a simple pork roasted loin with a wine sauce and a dessert called Bibinka a Filipino dessert made with rice flour and coconut milk with sugar.


Professional IN-HOME Cooking Services, specializing in serving singles, couples, very small gatherings, casual or formal services. Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American cuisine. Special Pre Fixe Menus.

Affordable rates, you don’t need to be wealthy to afford a personal chef for a special evening for two at home, don’t worry about driving and traffic and parking. By dining in-home, you can relax, have more wine, and enjoy your time together. Let me do all the work, guaranteed a fine time.

Breakfast- Is your partner having a birthday? Call me, and I’ll make you the breakfast of a lifetime, not just the food, but the whole valuable personalized services. Flowers? Can do. Champagne and glasses? Can do. Napkins and fine table settings? Can do. Your partner will love you forever and he or she will talk about it in the office, you are going to be his or her most valuable person for sure.


Comfort foods and bacon go hand in hand, love to cook comforting foods for my clients. Bacon can be an addition to Asian stir fries, or stews, pastas, seafood, and it can be crispy strips for an appetizer with some red wine, like a good bottle to share with a loved one, maybe a Cabernet Sauvignon. Or maybe a fine quality Junmai Ginjo cold. Whatever the food, I can put cripsy bacon in it to make it rock solid comfy style.

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As a personal chef focusing on the cookings I grew up with, I use a wok or a few woks at least 90 % of the time. Whenever  a client asks me to customize some lunch or dinner for them it’s usually a stir fry that I do. Why? Because it’s the best type of cooking, Chinese/Filipino style wok cooking is all about trimming the veggies thin, meats thin, with an awesome sauce, maybe savory, maybe tangy, sweet and sour, salty and bold, rich and creamy.. the wok does it all. Here in this picture I just received a 14″ work horse of a wok from the Wok Shop in San Francisco, California. It took me 3 sessions to season it, and I’m looking forward to purchasing a few more. (In this pic, it’s new and not fully seasoned)

So if you are looking for dine at home session with a personal chef, call me and I am very affordable. Set menus and prices are available. Customize menus are a little more on the price scale but I am willing to work with all future clients in getting them a very valuable dining experience.

If I had to say to you hire me for what? I’d say hire me for a dinner for 2, you and your special someone, let me make you a simple Chinese Style 3 course meal. Steamed rice with entree.

1. Steamed Won Tons or fried

2. Kung Pao Chicken or Pork

3. Almond Cookies

* Clients will provide their own flatware and all table settings, glasses etc.

* Extra Charges will be tacked on for table, chairs, table cloths, flatware, glassware ets.

Something like this will start out at around 125 to 150.00 range.

No need to drive to a restaurant, no need to valet or pay park, drink all the alcohol you want at home, dress comfortably, be yourself you are in your own home for crying out loud.

Charges to include shopping fees, travel, food items, set up, prep, cook and serve, and clean up.

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Aloha if you are reading this blog great, it acts as an advertising tool too. As you know by reading this blog, I’m a personal chef that comes to your home and cook for you. That’s right, and I specialize in home cooking to the max! Executed to perfection, making you my future client very very happy. And this month I’ll have a few pre fixed menus. My specialty is wok cooking, I use a carbon steel wok, and stir fry my brains out, sounds good? Sounds like someone who loves his job? I love mine, and I love Asian foods, more to the point, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino. I’ll also do other styles but for this pre fixe meals, it’s affordable for you, and stir fries are affordable.

For Dinners (2) Persons Special you get 


Two ENTREE Platters

One Bottle of Wine.

* All meals come with steamed white rice.

Here are the appetizers you can choose from.

Pork Won Tons Fried

Crab Cakes w. Wasabe Mayonnaise

Beer Battered Ahi Strips w. Teriyaki Sauce

Here are the entrees you can choose from.

Mongolian Beef w. Pancakes

Kung Pao Chicken

Sweet Sour Shrimp

Manila Pork w. Veggies

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon




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