Professional IN-HOME Cooking Services, specializing in serving singles, couples, very small gatherings, casual or formal services. Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American cuisine. Special Pre Fixe Menus.

Affordable rates, you don’t need to be wealthy to afford a personal chef for a special evening for two at home, don’t worry about driving and traffic and parking. By dining in-home, you can relax, have more wine, and enjoy your time together. Let me do all the work, guaranteed a fine time.

Breakfast- Is your partner having a birthday? Call me, and I’ll make you the breakfast of a lifetime, not just the food, but the whole valuable personalized services. Flowers? Can do. Champagne and glasses? Can do. Napkins and fine table settings? Can do. Your partner will love you forever and he or she will talk about it in the office, you are going to be his or her most valuable person for sure.