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June 2014


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Sometimes you got to dine on something special, not the same old run of the mill Asian American cooking. Okay so my style maybe gimmicky to an extent because the wok is the cooking tool I use like 95% of the time for entrees. So let’s say you hire me for a dinner for two but you want something special. Shoot, let’s do this.

How about… Braised Pork in a wine sauce? Yeah it’s not Asian at all you see? You dig? I can easily get an inexpensive pork shoulder cut, season it, and braise it in a wok with chicken stock and wine, and when it’s all tender, maybe add in some freshly grated parmesan cheese?

Or maybe Seared Salmon Steaks in the wok, simple, and create a nice garlic or curry aioli? You dig? Get my drift? We can get special for your special O Kay Shun… that’s occasion for you non hipsters.

Or if you love lamb, we can sear some lamb cuts in the wok, and top it off with a mint butter, all from the wok…

So.. besides my simplistic Asian American Wok Cooking, we can do something somewhat on the gourmet side of the tracks. People ask me, “Ron why the wok man?” Well, I grew up cooking simple. I mean we didn’t have blenders, processors, choppers none of that. We used pans and pots, or pots and pans no slow cookers none of that…so I just utilize the wok most of the time. There are certain dishes especially in the Japanese and Filipino styles that call for pots so I’ll break out the pots or fry pans on occasion.

Hiring me to cook for you and your lover is right up my alley, creating simple home cooking Asian American style is lots of fun.


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Korean influenced Wok Cooking for you and your lover.

Kimchi Pork- thin slices of pork, with kimchi sauce and cabbage

Meat Jun- Korean marinated flank beef steak, battered and fried

Lobster Tails – steamed lobster tails with stir fried kimchi veggies, served with sesame garlic butter

Wok Braised Beef Short Ribs – bone on beef short ribs, seasoned in a kalbi style braising liquid, with veggies

Wok Steamed Snapper – whole snapper steamed with herbs and spices, then wok heated sesame oil and soy sauce concoction drizzled over fish

Chef Ron’s Jap Chae – my twist on this noodle dish, I take rice noodles and stir fry it with pork, with a spicy sauce and veggies

Korean Style Seafood Chowder – wok style chowder, I take shrimp, scallops, crab meat, and simmer it in a seafood broth, and add in peas, onions, carrots, celery, radish, and season it with oyster sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil

Korean Style Chicken – wok stir fried chicken seasoned with sesame oil, chilis, with veggies

Korean Ox Tail Soup – ox tail of beef, simmered with beef stock, garlic and ginger until soft, and then seasoned with peppers, sesames, fish sauce with veggies



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The Wok Menu is the simplest menu, thin slices of veggies and meats seared to perfection in a hot wok, with your choice of sauce. It could be a Chinese influenced sauce, a Korean influenced sauce, a Japanese influenced sauce or a Filipino influenced sauce. All entrees served with a platter of hot steamy white rice, or brown. Or a stir fried rice custom made with ingredients you want.

Kung Pao Chicken – spicy chicken with veggies

Mongolian Beef – seasoned thin strips of beef sirloin

Mushu Pork – sliced pork, veggies, eggs served with Mandarin Pancakes

Beef Broccoli – restaurant favorite, tender slices of beef and steamed broccoli

Pork Bitter Melon – thin slices of pork, with bitter melon

Sweet & Sour Shrimp – breaded shrimp deep fried with a sweet and sour sauce drizzle

Luk Fun Noodles – wide steamed rice noodles from scratch, with choice of beef, chicken, pork, seafood, veggies, and custom seasoned to your desire

Lo Mein – made with angel hair pasta, your choice of chicken, beef, pork, seafood, veggies, made with a chicken gravy

Won Ton Soup – won ton dumplings steamed with your choice of filling, ground beef, or ground pork, made with a chicken based stock, and veggies

This is just some of the items I can do for you, with various appetizers and desserts.

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If you are both vegan and don’t want to consume any animal products I can do vegan cooking. Just contact me at and we can work something out. Here are some things I can whip up for both of you if you want to dine in-home.

APPETIZER: Fried Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Dip

ENTREE: Tofu Stew with Shitake Mushrooms, Green Beans, and Fresh Roma Tomatoes served with steamed Brown Rice

DESSERT: Orange Cake with Orange Almond Cream Sauce

Prices start at $175.00 and up depending on the organic ingredients cost at market.


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Dinners for Two 

APPETIZER: Shrimp Pancakes with Lemon Sweet Butter Drizzle

ENTREE: Mongolian Beef

DESSERT: Chocolate Fudge Brownies w. Vanilla Ice Cream


This dinner for two is filling, the Shrimp Pancakes are cooked in a wok as is the entree. First the batter is made with simple flour and eggs. The shrimp is then stir fried in vegetable oil, garlic, ginger, green onions, and seasoned with a soy sauce, mirin, sambal concoction. Then the batter is added in and cooked on both sides. And served with a butter and honey mixture.

The entree is a stir fried Mongolian Beef served with steamed rice.

The dessert is a chocolate fudge brownie for two with vanilla ice cream.

Affordable rates, contact Ron email:





Simple food for the family instead of going out to eat, pizzas made with hoagie rolls, fresh local produce, local sausage, wine for the adults. Call me and we can do this, really affordable. Remember you won’t need to shop, drive, find parking, prep, cook and clean. I’ll do the job for you.



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As this country becomes totally obese, the health of our loved ones who have diabetes is lessening their quality of life. I believe that most people understand what it takes to mitigate their diabetes problems, and it involves a diet that fits them. We’ve all heard diabetics say, “I can’t eat sugar… I can’t have my pizza, I can’t drink a soda.” While all of these are importantly very true, there are ingredients out on the market that are being utilized by professional chefs catering to the cooking of meals for diabetics. I have worked in the health food industry in the past, and no I am not a professional dietician, nor a nutritionist. However I have learned about healthy cooking by cooking for people looking for healthy foods. We needed to stock our hot bar with delicious foods one may eat at home, or comfort foods if you will. But by cutting back on high glycemic processed sugars, syrups and such, we used to make awesome meals by using organic agave nectar, and using Stevia. We would never use processed white sugar, but we would use brown raw sugar all the time in moderation. What I’ve learned is this, everyone who has diabetes either Types 1 or Types 2, will have different proportions made up for them during meal time, as you know each person is unique from height, weight, nationality, family makeup… you name it we are all different. For instance you may see an overweight man and automatically claim, “He’s a diabetic for sure.” But he’s not, but the skinny woman standing next to him is. You see what I mean?

One of my services is cooking healthy meals for you or your loved one friend or family, call me and I can help you prepare delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Or if only one person in  your party needs a healthy diabetic friendly meal I can customize it for you. Just remember, I will not cook for anyone unless I have an interview with that person, I will need a written instructions from his or her doctor, nutritionist, or dietician instructing types of foods that he or she can consume. Again I am not a licensed dietician or nutritionist but understand the ingredients that is needed to make an awesome meal that is diabetic friendly.

Serving portions are of importance and if you already have seen a professional in your meal preparations, you understand the portions that you can consume. I can only follow your professional health care providers instructions and prepare your meals, but I cannot stop you from eating more or less than you’re supposed to.

Fried Chicken, Pizza, Omelets, Steaks, Seafood, Fish, Beef Stews, Roasts, all of these types of home cooking can be customize for you using the safe ingredients for diabetics. I also use cook books for guides in cooking for diabetics, I’ll use certified books from the American Diabetes Association.

Just remember I can make your meals pleasurable again so please contact me by email


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