Sometimes you got to dine on something special, not the same old run of the mill Asian American cooking. Okay so my style maybe gimmicky to an extent because the wok is the cooking tool I use like 95% of the time for entrees. So let’s say you hire me for a dinner for two but you want something special. Shoot, let’s do this.

How about… Braised Pork in a wine sauce? Yeah it’s not Asian at all you see? You dig? I can easily get an inexpensive pork shoulder cut, season it, and braise it in a wok with chicken stock and wine, and when it’s all tender, maybe add in some freshly grated parmesan cheese?

Or maybe Seared Salmon Steaks in the wok, simple, and create a nice garlic or curry aioli? You dig? Get my drift? We can get special for your special O Kay Shun… that’s occasion for you non hipsters.

Or if you love lamb, we can sear some lamb cuts in the wok, and top it off with a mint butter, all from the wok…

So.. besides my simplistic Asian American Wok Cooking, we can do something somewhat on the gourmet side of the tracks. People ask me, “Ron why the wok man?” Well, I grew up cooking simple. I mean we didn’t have blenders, processors, choppers none of that. We used pans and pots, or pots and pans no slow cookers none of that…so I just utilize the wok most of the time. There are certain dishes especially in the Japanese and Filipino styles that call for pots so I’ll break out the pots or fry pans on occasion.

Hiring me to cook for you and your lover is right up my alley, creating simple home cooking Asian American style is lots of fun.


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