Having a confusing menu only makes things more difficult for clients, so here’s the new way I’ll market my cooking services.

1. Primarily all of my cooking is done in a wok

2. I’ll have these proteins listed so you can choose.
a. Chicken
b. Beef
c. Pork
d. Fish or Seafood
c. Tofu

3. Since Asian style is my style, I’ll list sauces like these.
a. Sweet & Sour (Chinese/Filipino/Japanese)
b. Hot & Spicy (Chinese Schezuan/Mexican/Indian)
c. Tomato Sauce (American/Filipino/Mexican/Italian)
d. Black Beans Sauce
e. Ginger Garlic Sauce
f. Miso Sauce
g. Fish and Lime Sauce
h. Shrimp and Lemon Sauce
i. Orange Sauce
j. Orange Cream Sauce
k. Lemon Cream Sauce
l. Butter Soy Sauce
* And other custom made sauces

I will also add items like TWICED COOK (PORK/BEEF) this refers to tasty cuts that needs to be simmered to softened first, and then wok fried. Cuts as follows:

Beef- Ox Tails, Osso Buco (veal cut shanks), Briskets (Stew meat), Chuck cuts.

Pork- Butts (shoulder), Shanks, Feet (if you’re daring)

Because Asian Wok Cooking is similar in most regions in Asia/Southeast Asia, just knowing what you want is easier than naming a dish.

Example: “I’d like wok fried chicken, with a black bean sauce, make it spicy, with eggplants.” This type of ordering is easier to do, it lets you the diner tell me what you want as far as flavors and ingredients is concerned.

I’ve eliminated some Japanese one pot cooking from repertoire.

For BREAKFAST I still manage most of the classics like Benedict, Omelets, Pancakes, French Toasts and some other specials.

But- for the dinners, it’s 90% Wok Frying folks…and I promise you a good Wokking experience.

Try my Luk Fun Noodles freshly made, and call me to work on a price that’s right and fair. Remember you don’t need to drive out, when you eat in.