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August 2014

DINNER FOR TWO Rib Eye and Stout Beer Pairing


Dinner for Two for beef lovers and lovers of each other. Start you off with a good cold beer, and because this is all about a prime cut of rib eye beef, a fine stout will do fine. This is a fun dinner at home for two, just you two lovers, nothing fancy shmansy just a good in-home dinner produced by yours truly. We’ll start you off with a nice cool salad if it’s in the Summer, and a good hot soup if it’s in the Fall, Winter or Spring. We can discuss the ingredients later if you contact me, but just for example a salad would be light, like some kale, cherry toms, some fresh garlic, and a creamy homemade ranch dressing with some organic crackers. If it’s a soup, maybe a nice light creamy clam chowder with some crackers.

And then it’s time for your prime cut of rib eye for two. I will take two cuts 10 to 12 oz, season them with a combination of herbs and spices that you love, after all I’m here to serve you, I’ll go with your taste buds. Then I’ll pan sear them in steel pans, no need for the oven, just in the pan. Served with maybe roasted potatoes, or mashed, or maybe Asian style white rice, or Chinese Style Fried rice.. And for a dessert, we can do homemade chocolate chip cookies.

For the beer, we’ll see what is out in the market place at the time of this gig. I’ll call around and talk to my beer associates to see what’s in the in and we can all get turned on to something exciting.

Prices start at

$25.00 shopping fees

$75.00 per hour, prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning up

What else? You’ll be charged a sales tax, and the cost for the ingredients such as the vegetables, the rib eyes, and the ingredients for the cookies for the dessert. You won’t be charged for small ingredients like salt and pepper, and some basic herbs. There will be extra charges for exotic ingredients I’ll have a difficult time acquiring. 

If you want this to be a romantic dining experience, I’ll set up a table with cloth, napkins, plates, bowls, flatware, glasses etc. for an extra charge. To keep it low, you supply the glasses, plates, flatware etc.

Thank You

Ron Sambrano Email:

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One of the events I have is my LADIES NIGHT IN, this event is limited to only 6 ladies, to keep quality control at a premium. It starts off with some appetizers, and a few bottles of premium tequilas. Contact me for more information at Email: 


Spicy Shrimp Pancakes, Chicken Steamed Won Tons- TEQUILA Casa Dragones


Manila Meat Balls (Ground Pork and Ground Beef with a Fish Sauce Butter), Kalbi Rib Eye Beef- TEQUILA Herradrura Reposado


Thai Curry Vegetarian French Bread Pizzas-TEQUILA Milagro blanco


Prices depends on market prices of all food ingredients and bottles of tequilas. My service charges range from 

$75.00 Shopping Fees

$150.00 per hour prepping/cooking/serving Fees (6), I will quote you a price that will be rounded off to the approximate amount of time for each event.

Nevada State Sales Taxes will be added, you will need to sign a waiver in the event anyone decides to drink and drive, I will not be responsible for any actions outside of the confines of where the job takes place, I will not be responsible for any injuries or death if someone decides to venture outside the premises after or during the job/event, that all present be of legal age of 21 or over, and all IDs will be needed to be presented, I will not serve anyone under the age of 21 even with an adult present, I take the laws very seriously, I will refuse service and leave the premises if there is any legal issues concerning underage drinking, and all deposits will be refunded, however you will be charged for whatever time I have spent in servicing you, such as shopping and traveling.

I hope to serve you soon, and have an enjoyable evening in your own home, with your friends. 

Thank You

Ron Sambrano

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BEEF WOKKING FOR TWO Karne ng Baka Wokkin A Filipino Influence


It’s all about the two of you, and relaxing or as I like to say “Chill Axing!” that’s right my friends. Lovers, yes you both, lovers. You and your special someone. Hire me and I’ll make your evening really enjoyable. With my style of Filipino American Fusion, I’ll feed you with 1 Appetizer, 2 Wok Entrees, 1 Dessert, and a bottle of Wine.

Special Dinners starts at $200.00 on up, includes the ingredients, plating, flatware, wine, glasses too.

I call this the Karne ng Baka Wokkin or Beef Wokking.

This is what I created, and it’s all beef for you beef lovers, all in a wok.

White Rice Bowl is the Starch

But the Appetizer will be a Wok Seared Shrimp Dish with hints of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, and lemons, served with a Thin Pancake with a Sambal Mayonnaise.

Beef Wokking NO. 1 

Stir Fried Beef with Onions, Shitake Mushrooms, this stir fry will incorporate some exotic flavors I grew up with, ginger and garlic is the norm, then a tangy shrimp sauce will be added to the mix for an aromatic journey for the uninitiated when it comes to Filipino cooking.

Beef Wokking NO. 2

Ground Beef Wok Stew, don’t let this fool you, fresh ground prime beef, with hints of ginger and garlic, bay leaves, onions, green onions, and minced potatoes, with injection of red wine. You may have leftovers but what the heck eh?


Chocolate Fudge Brownies with a Chocolate Sauce


Will utilize a quality market Merlot.

Prices start at $200.00 for two, includes shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning, will include plates, flatware, glasses for this experience. Prices may go up if you decide to utilize more expensive ingredients, such as organic and non GMO, or more prized cuts of beef such as Wagyu or Kobe Beef, the cost will elevate. Contact me for approximate prices, and if you have any food allergies or special diets, this factors into the final cost of each experience, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You

Chef Ron

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Affordable 3 course meal prepared by yours truly. Wok seared snapper filets with any sauce you choose. Sweet & sour, hot and spicy, fish sauce, teriyaki, kalbi (sweet Korean), any veggie you like. Served with steamed rice. For starters, a nice bowl of miso soup, and end it with fudge brownie baked fresh with chocolate sauce.

Prices start at $130.00 and up, depending on market prices. Contact me Ron at 



Why Some Prices Cost More?


I got a question one day, “Ron why do you charge 120.00 for some breakfast for 2 and 150.00 for others?” Here’s the answer, when ever I do eggs benedict the Hollandaise sauce needs to be made from scratch hence, I need to charge a little more for that, and the ingredients cost a little more than an omelet. Costs differ from gig to gig, meal to meal, basic easy cooking cost less of course. But when something needs a little more attention, the cost goes up slightly. Also if you want me to do a braise, or stew… that kind of cooking takes a while, hence my hourly rate rises a little bit, but over all I’ll work with you and what you can afford. My goal is to have everyone experience a personal chef in your home to pamper you, and because my niche is cooking for couples or lovers, it needs more attention.

Email me:

Mahalo Ron Sambrano

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Pampering Yourself Special

eggs benedict

Couples pamper yourselves for a special breakfast in home services, totally custom made.

Fresh O.J.  fresh pressed coffee, eggs benedict with fresh hollandaise and roasted potatoes. And mimosa. 

If you feel tired of the same old same old, and don’t want to drive to that nice breakfast restaurant, let it come to you. Everything is made fresh, this is a full serve breakfast, make sure you and your special someone is ready to spend the morning enjoying each other. 

– I do the shopping

– I do the prepping

– I do the cooking & serving

– I do the cleaning up

Prices start at $150.00 and up. 

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Treat yourself to a breakfast at home for just the two of you, maybe some fresh organic orang juice, fresh pressed coffee, a custom omelet, for an affordable price. No driving to your favorite restaurant. Prices start at $120.00 I do the shopping, prepping, cooking and serving.


Email: for more info. The value is you get privacy, and professional in home chef services.

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Affordable special dinners for two, just you and that special someone. Start with a salad, maybe a kale and tomato salad with an Asian blended dressing. And then some steamed rice with spicy pork stir fry with veggies, and end it with a fudge brownie. Served with a nice red wine. What would this cost? $150.00 for two, I shop, I prep, I cook and serve, and then clean up and you get to relax in your home.

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