I got a question one day, “Ron why do you charge 120.00 for some breakfast for 2 and 150.00 for others?” Here’s the answer, when ever I do eggs benedict the Hollandaise sauce needs to be made from scratch hence, I need to charge a little more for that, and the ingredients cost a little more than an omelet. Costs differ from gig to gig, meal to meal, basic easy cooking cost less of course. But when something needs a little more attention, the cost goes up slightly. Also if you want me to do a braise, or stew… that kind of cooking takes a while, hence my hourly rate rises a little bit, but over all I’ll work with you and what you can afford. My goal is to have everyone experience a personal chef in your home to pamper you, and because my niche is cooking for couples or lovers, it needs more attention.

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Mahalo Ron Sambrano

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