Dinner for Two for beef lovers and lovers of each other. Start you off with a good cold beer, and because this is all about a prime cut of rib eye beef, a fine stout will do fine. This is a fun dinner at home for two, just you two lovers, nothing fancy shmansy just a good in-home dinner produced by yours truly. We’ll start you off with a nice cool salad if it’s in the Summer, and a good hot soup if it’s in the Fall, Winter or Spring. We can discuss the ingredients later if you contact me, but just for example a salad would be light, like some kale, cherry toms, some fresh garlic, and a creamy homemade ranch dressing with some organic crackers. If it’s a soup, maybe a nice light creamy clam chowder with some crackers.

And then it’s time for your prime cut of rib eye for two. I will take two cuts 10 to 12 oz, season them with a combination of herbs and spices that you love, after all I’m here to serve you, I’ll go with your taste buds. Then I’ll pan sear them in steel pans, no need for the oven, just in the pan. Served with maybe roasted potatoes, or mashed, or maybe Asian style white rice, or Chinese Style Fried rice.. And for a dessert, we can do homemade chocolate chip cookies.

For the beer, we’ll see what is out in the market place at the time of this gig. I’ll call around and talk to my beer associates to see what’s in the in and we can all get turned on to something exciting.

Prices start at

$25.00 shopping fees

$75.00 per hour, prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning up

What else? You’ll be charged a sales tax, and the cost for the ingredients such as the vegetables, the rib eyes, and the ingredients for the cookies for the dessert. You won’t be charged for small ingredients like salt and pepper, and some basic herbs. There will be extra charges for exotic ingredients I’ll have a difficult time acquiring. 

If you want this to be a romantic dining experience, I’ll set up a table with cloth, napkins, plates, bowls, flatware, glasses etc. for an extra charge. To keep it low, you supply the glasses, plates, flatware etc.

Thank You

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