One of the events I have is my LADIES NIGHT IN, this event is limited to only 6 ladies, to keep quality control at a premium. It starts off with some appetizers, and a few bottles of premium tequilas. Contact me for more information at Email: 


Spicy Shrimp Pancakes, Chicken Steamed Won Tons- TEQUILA Casa Dragones


Manila Meat Balls (Ground Pork and Ground Beef with a Fish Sauce Butter), Kalbi Rib Eye Beef- TEQUILA Herradrura Reposado


Thai Curry Vegetarian French Bread Pizzas-TEQUILA Milagro blanco


Prices depends on market prices of all food ingredients and bottles of tequilas. My service charges range from 

$75.00 Shopping Fees

$150.00 per hour prepping/cooking/serving Fees (6), I will quote you a price that will be rounded off to the approximate amount of time for each event.

Nevada State Sales Taxes will be added, you will need to sign a waiver in the event anyone decides to drink and drive, I will not be responsible for any actions outside of the confines of where the job takes place, I will not be responsible for any injuries or death if someone decides to venture outside the premises after or during the job/event, that all present be of legal age of 21 or over, and all IDs will be needed to be presented, I will not serve anyone under the age of 21 even with an adult present, I take the laws very seriously, I will refuse service and leave the premises if there is any legal issues concerning underage drinking, and all deposits will be refunded, however you will be charged for whatever time I have spent in servicing you, such as shopping and traveling.

I hope to serve you soon, and have an enjoyable evening in your own home, with your friends. 

Thank You

Ron Sambrano

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