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September 2014




Are you a newlywed couple? Staying in a nice property on Maui or in Las Vegas? How about some IN-HOME Cooking Services? This is one of my Newlywed Wok Specials.

SALAD- Warm Mushrooms & Greens Stir Fry Salad, with a Manila influenced soy fish sauce with bite, very exotic

ENTREE #1Poached Lobster Tails (2), with a rich garlic butter with herbs, topped with a Black Bean Sauce

ENTREE #2- Wok Seared Rib Eye- I take  a 12 oz. Prime Ribeye cut of beef, wok sear it medium, slice it on a platter, and stir fry some sweet round onions with a beef & wine sauce reduction infused with real butter, and drizzled over each cut of Ribeye.

STARCH- Steamed White Rice with Furikake flakes

DESSERT- Mini Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce (homemade)

$500.00 This cost is for shopping, prepping, cooking and serving, and the clean up afterwards, also includes, all table settings, plates, flatware, etc. Also includes a bottle of wine to go with the dining experience.

Call me Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 or  Email:



Here’s a $60.00 IN-HOME Dinner for both of you, something simple, home cooking, tasty, all in the comfort of your own home. No driving, no parking, no dealing with other idiots in the restaurant. This is the personalized service deal of the century.

WHITE RICE (Fresh cooked)


TONKATSU (Breaded Pork Loin)

Now, for $60.00 you get an awesome personal chef in yours truly, I do all the work… I mean c’mon, for $60.00 in your own home and you won’t lift a finger until I’m done cooking, this is the deal my friends, for you and your lover. Call me Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 or Email: Hope to hear from you soon! 

* Will use your plates, flatware etc, you must supply your own beverages.

Thank You

Ron Sambrano, Personal Chef

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Affordable dining in is what I do for you, especially you hard working lovers. Tired? Don’t want to drive? Want to eat good stir fry? Call me and I promise you great tasty food out of the wok, and it will fill you up. I am here to serve you lovers. I specialize in cooking for couples.

Here’s an affordable dinner for two in your home, everything included, from shopping, the cost of food items, prepping and cooking.

White Rice- Made fresh!

Beef Broccoli

Oyster Chicken

$60.00- For $60.00, I’ll come to your home, cook up the food, and I’m gone, so you both can enjoy your evening.

* Will use your own plates, flatware etc. No beverages, you must supply these items.

Hope to hear from you soon, call Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 Please leave a message, or email me at Email:

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