Here’s a $60.00 IN-HOME Dinner for both of you, something simple, home cooking, tasty, all in the comfort of your own home. No driving, no parking, no dealing with other idiots in the restaurant. This is the personalized service deal of the century.

WHITE RICE (Fresh cooked)


TONKATSU (Breaded Pork Loin)

Now, for $60.00 you get an awesome personal chef in yours truly, I do all the work… I mean c’mon, for $60.00 in your own home and you won’t lift a finger until I’m done cooking, this is the deal my friends, for you and your lover. Call me Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 or Email: Hope to hear from you soon! 

* Will use your plates, flatware etc, you must supply your own beverages.

Thank You

Ron Sambrano, Personal Chef

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