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October 2014

BREAKFAST FOR TWO Your Favorite Breakfast Joint Comes To You!!!!


How’s it going my friends, my lovers of life and you couples that are very active in the lovemaking and develop a hunger, yes you are the one I am talking to. You get up and are hungry yes? Yes! Call me, the chef of all lovers, of all persuasions, I serve all couples in love. Straight couples, Gay couples, any couples…because my job is to serve you good comforting foods in your own home yes. Maybe some eggs? How about some Eggs Benedict? 2 poached eggs, Canadian bacon over buttered and pan toasted English muffins, and a homemade Hollandaise sauce, rich yes, for lovers it is what you need after a night of well…physical love making yes? Yes. Your zest for love and life is second to none, and my friends, I am the Lover’s Chef, second to none. Look and see if this don’t make you drooooooool! 🙂


Or maybe you are an Over Easy person, you love to wake up after a night of love making, … over easy? Yes my friends, over easy is good. Yes I love to cook breakfast, love it… over easy is awesome with any kind of protein, you request it, and I’ll cook it yes? Yes!


Maybe you love vegetarian? Can do my friends of love, yes, maybe a Chinese style Green Onion Omelet? Yes, with a hint of soy sauce, sesame oil, it is light, yet filling if you add in some meat, maybe a nice chorizo, or Italian sausage, possibly Portuguese sausage my favorite being born on Maui, that is what you may call…”Da Bomb?” Yes, da bomb my friends.


If you need a personal chef to cook for you and your lover one morning, email me, and we can …enjoy a morning of good food and company yes? Yes! Cost? It all depends, contact me, you will not be disappointed my friends, never, I promise.

Chef Ron:

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If you are in the mood for an in-home dining experience, my style is of the Asian American persuasion. Affordable stir fries like this Chicken Lo Mein dish, good to feed up to 4, but you’ll have leftovers for the next day. Most Chow Mein is cooked dry, Lo Meins are cooked with more of a gravy, like a good Italian pasta that soaks up all the pomodoro from the pan, a good lo mein does the same with a Chinese take on a noodle dish. Marry this with a nice appetizer, and a dessert, and maybe some wine you’ll have an excellent dining experience. What would something like this cost? With the shopping, prepping, cooking and serving it starts around $125.00 and up. All prices varies depending on location.


Baked Mochi with a Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce right out of the double boiler (old school style), everyone needs to be treated like a king and queen on occasion.

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Hire me for your in-home dinner, for two, four, eight… I don’t do huge groups, however, if you want to dine in at your home, and want something Asian/American, shoot me an email, and I can make you and your special friends some delicious food, simple comfort foods. You don’t need to get into a car, don’t have to drive and find parking. Just contact me and I’ll do all the work from shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Prices vary, but very affordable. If you’ve haven’t had a personal chef cooking for you, there’s always a first time and nope, you don’t need to be someone like Donald Trump or Mark Cuban, wealthy businessmen to hire a personal chef, you can too.

In the photo is a dish made with pork loin, veggies, and freshly made Luk Fun rice noodles that are made from a rice flour batter and then steamed. If you love noodles, seriously contact me and we can come up with a comforting dish just for you and that special someone or a few others.

Ron Sambrano




Desserts are filling, and as far as dessert sauces is concerned, I do not drizzle, I douse, pour it on baby! Dinners for Two are my speciality. Asian style, out of a wok. After an awesome dinner prepared by yours truly, and you want something sweet, then your wish will come true as I’ll prepare all kinds of Chinese, Filipino and American desserts. Pictured here is Baked Mochi doused with a home made Chocolate Sauce utilizing Ghirardelli’s chocolate. Mochi is a sticky sweet rice that is common in a lot of Asian style cooking and especially baking and steaming. So remember Chef Ron doesn’t drizzle he douses haha. Hope to hear from you soon.

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