If you are in the mood for an in-home dining experience, my style is of the Asian American persuasion. Affordable stir fries like this Chicken Lo Mein dish, good to feed up to 4, but you’ll have leftovers for the next day. Most Chow Mein is cooked dry, Lo Meins are cooked with more of a gravy, like a good Italian pasta that soaks up all the pomodoro from the pan, a good lo mein does the same with a Chinese take on a noodle dish. Marry this with a nice appetizer, and a dessert, and maybe some wine you’ll have an excellent dining experience. What would something like this cost? With the shopping, prepping, cooking and serving it starts around $125.00 and up. All prices varies depending on location.


Baked Mochi with a Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce right out of the double boiler (old school style), everyone needs to be treated like a king and queen on occasion.

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