Hire me for your in-home dinner, for two, four, eight… I don’t do huge groups, however, if you want to dine in at your home, and want something Asian/American, shoot me an email, and I can make you and your special friends some delicious food, simple comfort foods. You don’t need to get into a car, don’t have to drive and find parking. Just contact me and I’ll do all the work from shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Prices vary, but very affordable. If you’ve haven’t had a personal chef cooking for you, there’s always a first time and nope, you don’t need to be someone like Donald Trump or Mark Cuban, wealthy businessmen to hire a personal chef, you can too.

In the photo is a dish made with pork loin, veggies, and freshly made Luk Fun rice noodles that are made from a rice flour batter and then steamed. If you love noodles, seriously contact me and we can come up with a comforting dish just for you and that special someone or a few others.

Ron Sambrano

EMAIL: chefsambrano@gmail.com