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November 2014



If you want some Filipino inspired dinner for two, I got a soup for you if you love pork, that will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, you and your special someone will have plenty of leftovers, and you’ll tell all of your friends about it. Lauya (Lah ooo yah) is a soup made of pork stock, herbs and spices, and huge cuts of pork shoulder, cooked tender, with cabbage. Served with hot white rice, this is an entree of all entrees. First I’ll start you off with our culture call Lumpia (Loom Pee Ah), which is fried egg rolls with a chicken and veggie filling, served with a garlic and vinegar dip. Then the Lauya with rice, and after that, you’ll feast on a dessert Bibinka (Mochi Rice cake filled with yummy stuff, like coconut milk and butter, and raw sugar) This my friends is our comfort food. Different but exciting if you’ve never had Filipino soups before. Let’s all hookup in 2015!!!

Chef Ron

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Sometimes I receive calls from couples that want a very simple dinner, and I mean simple like what their mom or grandma would make. Can do. How about a simple tossed green salad with some quality dinner rolls with real melted drawn butter? And some garlic mashed potatoes, with a piping hot juicy all beef meatloaf with a pan gravy all from scratch? And then some apple pie from a quality bakery? Simple sometimes rocks!

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Comfort Foods for two in your own home, foods that are just good and sharing it with that special someone is even better, your other half, your significant other. Sharing a good appetizer, salad, soup, and a couple of wok cooked entrees, and a homemade dessert, maybe some wine.

My custom Chinese Style/Filipino American Style will leave you feeling full and satisfied. I been working on steamed rice noodles, Luk Fun, Chow Fun, Xiao Lun…Call this my specialty as we head into 2015.

I can start you off with a warm soup, like a Japanese style Miso, white (shiro) or aka (red), with ebi (shrimp) inside to warm you up. And a good Sake to start you off.

Then I can do a Kung Pao Chicken with wide Luk Fun noodles, for entree no. 1, and following that, maybe a platter of Xiao Lun (mini round Luk Fun with choice of pork, beef, seafood, chicken) served with a dip, something spicy, sweet and sour or something in between. (I always cook white stick rice as a side)

And for dessert some baked mochi with chocolate sauce. It will be a noodle evening, sure to fill you up, and the portions will be big enough for leftovers if you both don’t eat it up in the evening, perfect for the next day’s lunch just warm it up in the microwave.

Hope to see you sometime soon.

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As the Holidays come around the corner, just want to emphasize I do not do large gigs, I specialize in serving couples only, maybe a few couples, and my forte is in the Asian American style, from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino with my own twist. I do breakfast, lunches, and dinners. (Note Holiday menus will be posted soon)

Here’s some of the foods I got for you and your lover, and yes I can do healthy alternatives such as gluten free, diabetic, low sodium etc.



Won Tons (Steamed or fried)

Crisp Lumpia (Veggies, Pork or Chicken)

Crab Cakes

Fish Cakes

Stuffed Mushrooms

Battered Fish or Chicken

Mini Pizzas

Mini Luk Fun Rounds (Pork, Veggies, Chicken, or Shrimp)




Asian Green

Rib Eye Salad

Ahi Salad

Stir Fried Salad

Chicken Salad

Caesar Salad

Fruit Salad








Entrees on the Chinese Side

Kung Pao Chicken

Mushu Pork

Shezchuan Pork or Chicken

Spicy Eggplant

Mongolian Beef

Lemon Chicken

Garlic Chicken

Roasted Duck Breast

Sweet & Sour Shrimp

Chow Mein -choice of  (Beef, pork, chicken, shrimp)

Chicken or Shrimp Lo Mein

Crisp or Soft Gau Gee Mein

Egg Foo Yung

Kau Yuk (Pork)

Won Ton Soup

Pork & Cabbage

Beef Broccoli

Black Bean Sauce w/ (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Or Shrimp)

Ginger Chicken

Garlic Pork

Entrees on the Filipino Side

Pork Guisante (Braised pork & peas)

Pork Adobo (Braised pork in vinegar soy sauce and herbs)

Chicken Adobo (Like pork)

Dinuguan (an exotic dish with chunks of pork, herbs, spices, with real hog’s blood)

Trip Stew (Cleaned beef tripe, stewed in herbs, spices, tomatoes)

Pinacbet (Braised pork with eggplant and other greens that’s available in a fish sauce)

Battered Pork Chops served with garlic vinegar

Wok Fried Pork Bellies with fish and garlic sauce

Tangy Beef with Onions

Beef Stew (tomato based)

Oxtail Soup with cabbage

Lauya (pork and cabbage soup)

Fish Soup (Whole snapper in fish broth with veggies)

Fried Shrimp Manila- Wok Fried Shrimp with peppers, vinegar and fish sauce

Seared Rib Eye of Beef with Lime Fish Sauce Dip

Pancit (Noodles stir fried with pork, chicken, rice noodles)

Chicken Long Rice Soup

Entrees on the Japanese Side

Chicken Katsu (with curry sauce optional)

Tonkatsu (with curry sauce optional)


Pork Soup with Udon

Fish Soup with Udon

Beef Soup with Udon

Teriyaki (Beef, Salmon, Pork, or Chicken)

Miso Ahi

Miso Chicken

Seared Rib Eye with Miso Cream Dip

Potato Croquette with Sweet Ginger Soy Drizzle

Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp and Shiitake Wok Stir Fry

Chicken and Peas Wok Stir Fry

Wasabi Baked Salmon (Wasabi mayonnaise panko crusted salmon baked to perfection)

Teri Baked Chicken Breast

Braised Teriyaki Beef Short Ribs

Entrees on the Korean Side

Braised Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

Meat Jun

Chap Chae

Kimchi Pork

Spicy Pork and Cabbage Soup

Sesame Chicken (Wok fried with veggies)

Steamed Fish with Garlic Ginger Oil Sizzle

Baked Salmon with Kalbi Mayonnaise

Chicken Omelet (Korean stir fried chicken and veggies with 3 egg omelet)

Beef & Sprouts Stir Fry

Spicy Beef Stew

Entrees from Home

Meat Loaf with Brown Gravy

Veal Cutlets

Pasta w. Marinara or Cream Sauces, Chicken, Shrimp, or Beef Meatballs

Mac and Cheese

Fried Southern Style Chicken

Battered Chicken Fingers (dinner size)

Pepper Beef

Pot Roast

Roast Chicken

Baked Ham w. Corn

Hamburgers and Fries

New York Steaks & Fries

Fish & Chips

Pigs in a Blanket

Lobster Tails Steamed with Garlic and Wine Butter

Steamed Clams with Cream Wine Sauce

Rib Eye Seared with Pan Sauce

Beef Sirloin with Herb Butter

Tacos (Beef, Pork, or Fish)

* Just some of the entrees in the arsenal… inquire for any specials. Affordable, friendly, and executed right all the time, COOKING FOR COUPLES.

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