Comfort Foods for two in your own home, foods that are just good and sharing it with that special someone is even better, your other half, your significant other. Sharing a good appetizer, salad, soup, and a couple of wok cooked entrees, and a homemade dessert, maybe some wine.

My custom Chinese Style/Filipino American Style will leave you feeling full and satisfied. I been working on steamed rice noodles, Luk Fun, Chow Fun, Xiao Lun…Call this my specialty as we head into 2015.

I can start you off with a warm soup, like a Japanese style Miso, white (shiro) or aka (red), with ebi (shrimp) inside to warm you up. And a good Sake to start you off.

Then I can do a Kung Pao Chicken with wide Luk Fun noodles, for entree no. 1, and following that, maybe a platter of Xiao Lun (mini round Luk Fun with choice of pork, beef, seafood, chicken) served with a dip, something spicy, sweet and sour or something in between. (I always cook white stick rice as a side)

And for dessert some baked mochi with chocolate sauce. It will be a noodle evening, sure to fill you up, and the portions will be big enough for leftovers if you both don’t eat it up in the evening, perfect for the next day’s lunch just warm it up in the microwave.

Hope to see you sometime soon.

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