If you want some Filipino inspired dinner for two, I got a soup for you if you love pork, that will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, you and your special someone will have plenty of leftovers, and you’ll tell all of your friends about it. Lauya (Lah ooo yah) is a soup made of pork stock, herbs and spices, and huge cuts of pork shoulder, cooked tender, with cabbage. Served with hot white rice, this is an entree of all entrees. First I’ll start you off with our culture call Lumpia (Loom Pee Ah), which is fried egg rolls with a chicken and veggie filling, served with a garlic and vinegar dip. Then the Lauya with rice, and after that, you’ll feast on a dessert Bibinka (Mochi Rice cake filled with yummy stuff, like coconut milk and butter, and raw sugar) This my friends is our comfort food. Different but exciting if you’ve never had Filipino soups before. Let’s all hookup in 2015!!!

Chef Ron

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