I will make your romantic dinner the best in home experience, complete with a table for two, table cloth, napkins, all pertinent glasses, saucers, plates and flatware. I’ll design that special meal for two. It can be a mid morning breakfast, lunch, late noon pupus with wine or your favorite drink. And of course a mid evening dinner complete with a musician and waiter.

Dinners can be adventurous, hot and spicy food Filipino Style or Korean Style. Appetizers like spicy pork lumpia or mandu with sauces that will break your mouth. And that’s good. And for the entrees, there is always two entrees for two or more. I can find what’s out on the market, we can do a spicy lobster stir fry with black beans and chilis, and a sauté cut of ahi drizzled with an Asian Spicy sauce, served up with white rice. And for dessert, simple and comforting chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce all over.

Whatever you decide, I’ll make your in-home dining experience the best, with quality foods, quality service, and will leave the premises clean and sanitized when I leave.