Aloha my friends, touching base with all of you. For you foodies looking for an In Home dining service, just call me, email me, message me. I’m on Twitter @ronsambrano; on Facebook, and Linked In. My specialties are Asian American comfort foods for you lovers out there who are tired of dining out, tired of driving, finding parking. Maybe you haven’t gone out much lately, and just tired of the same old restaurants out there. Well call me and we can do something comforting, complete with table for two, chairs, pertinent drinking glasses, flatware, all the table settings needed, plates, bowls everything you need not worry.

Here’s an idea, for two of you. You want beef? How about I make you a comforting beef stew, with roasted veggies. You want organic? I’ll shop for it. One of you is a diabetic? I’ll use ingredients for you so that it will be safe to eat. No I’m not a dietician, you tell me what you can eat, we’ll sign a waiver so that I’ll be free of any complications, I’ll shop for the stuff you need. Hypertension? Hey I know what it takes to eat for hypertension my family, all hypertension. So I can work with you, make your In Home Dining experience memorable.

Okay, you like beef, we can do a Chateaubriand with a wine sauce deglazed in the pan with all the juices from that awesome cut of beef. Maybe an Asian style beef dish, like an oven roasted Kabli Ribs Korean style with a Kalbi drizzle… all doable. We cans start off with a soup, or salad, or hey both why not? You’re my bosses, and I’ll cater to you boss. Hey I’m here to make you happy, I’m not into making people unhappy. I do the best I can. I’ll say it again. I do the best that I can. I’m not Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, or any one of those masters. I’m the Lovers’ Chef. I do small gigs, and I cater to your every need.

I offer other services too, you want just food shopping services? All good. I can do that also. Maybe you just need food prepped and stuck in your freezer for the week, again can do. Just recently, a woman wanted me to wrap some Korean dumplings for her (mandu), so I did. I went out shopped for her, got her the ingredients, got permission to do all the prep in her home (with someone of legal age in the house), signed a waiver, provide proof of ID on my end, and insurance, and off I went, spent a couple of hours, making her food as perfect as could be, placed about several dozen dumplings into Ziplock bags and stuck it in the freezer. And prepped her sauces for her dips. All doable folks. All doable. Call me. If you don’t have time to prep and you are a home chef yourself? Call me, let’s see if we can work something out.

Remember, life is too short. Enjoy it please. If you call me fine. If not, just have a good time, have a good life. Love your loved ones, and eat well. If you’ve used me before, and are hesitant to use me again because another chef was better maybe? It’s all good. All I can say is I’ll try my best to make your experience the best In Home Dining experience ever! And I mean that. Remember, my style is Asian American Comfort foods… I take pride in making your home smell like your mom or grandma is in the kitchen, hey it’s all good. That’s why I say, In Home, and when food is cooked in your home? It better smell good. Take care, all the blessings to you and your loved one(s). Until the next blog, I’m Chef Ron, hope to hear from you soon.