Breakfast time is a good time for lovers, just waking up, ready to relax for the weekend. As we usher in the Fall, having a hot breakfast is just what the both of you need. Hot fresh pressed coffee made with freshly ground Kona Organic beans. Maybe a slice of organic fruit, and some good old fashioned egg dishes that I can get creative with.

How about Ground Turkey Eggs Benedict? Natural turkey breast, seasoned, ground and made into patties, on some toasted Hawaiian Sweet Bread, two poached eggs to your liking, topped with a slight spiced Hollandaise with some roasted potatoes and veggies?

Or some fluffy Chocolate Chip Hot Cakes, topped with fresh melted chocolate.

Maybe some Fish Burrito with Soft Scrambled Eggs with melted cheese?

Call me and we can do a romantic breakfast for two at your home, complete with flatware.

Chef Ron 808-385-7667