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February 2016

Filipino Style for Spring


If you need a private chef for you and your loved one, and you are here on Maui for your honeymoon, or just a vacation. I can create a dining experience for you in your condominium. Call me and I can create a Filipino style meal that will satisfy you.

I execute simple cooking. I’m riding the comfort food train lately, especially if I’m cooking for someone in their own home or condo. I can do lots of meals with a Filipino influence such as, battered pork, chicken adobo style, pancit Canton (a Filipino Chow Mein). Maybe a fish soup, crispy shrimp lumpia, or some braised oxtails in wine with a touch of herbs.

So call me if you are in the area for 2016, I’ll do the shopping, cooking, serving and clean up. Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 or email:


Cooking for Diabetics

It’s been a while since I’ve ┬áposted a blog. But here we are it’s the ending part of February and time really flies by. I’m still on Maui, and if you are a diabetic, or you have a friend or family member who is a diabetic, call me and I can help prepare meals that are safe to eat. Please remember (I AM NOT A TRAINED NUTRITIONIST or A DIETICIAN) I will cook accordingly to how I am instructed by you or your caregiver. Before any cooking & serving takes place, I will need a signed ok from your primary care give that I have permission to cook for you what I created. I follow guidelines that are written by the American Diabetic Association, using only ingredients that are safe, and portions of proteins, starches, and fibers are plated accordingly for your safe eating.

Ron Sambrano




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