This is how I charge for my services, and it varies. Right now I’m on Maui, so this is how it works. If you are staying on the west side, meaning anywhere from Puamana all the way to Kapalua, I won’t charge you any extra for my drive time, for instance you live in Wailuku, Kahului, Kihei, or Up Country, I think you get it. But, if I need to travel that far, the extra charges will be $10.00 for fuel. Not much.


  • 35-50 per hour. (this is from the time I get to your place to the time I leave)
  • Main ingredients such as proteins, Fish, Seafood, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Tofu, Turkey. And vegetables and fruits, and various liquids or beverages, and any baked goods is going to be added on, as I will give you the receipt of what the shopping for these items cost.
  • YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR, ingredients that are standard, like salt and pepper, basic condiments that are used in the prepared dishes. Such as dashes of herbs or spices, and table or teaspoons of various ingredients for flavors.
  • A standard dinner featuring cooking with a wok for couples are about $150.00, and that doesn’t include the shopping for your main ingredients such as proteins, vegetables, fruits, beverages, baked goods.

Desserts: I can do simple desserts that don’t take lots of time preparing, if you are celebrating any occasion, I can purchase good quality baked goods from reputable sources. If you are a vegan, I can get dessert from Down To Earth Natural Foods, or request a special order from other bakeries. *Travel time will be charged accordingly for out of the way purchases of a minimum $10.00.

Mixed Drinks: If you have the knowledge of liquors, I suggest you handle that portion of the evening. Or I can pick up a bottle of wine, and serve that, or beers.

Table Settings: More than likely, your home will come with plates, bowls, and other tableware, including glasses, mugs and cups. (Before we sign on to the job, I’ll be asking you questions about the table set up). I do have some plates, and flatware.

For Special Occasions: If you want a romantic setting for any special love related dinner, I do have musicians available, such as a one man guitar/singer. Low key, mellow music in your home. Why use the iPhone plugged into your stereo? Wouldn’t a live musician do better? For something like this there will be an extra charge to pay for the entertainment that starts about $200.00

One thing I do ask if it is possible, is for me to take selfie pictures of my clients and myself to create a history of all of my experiences with my clients to be posted on my website and social media. (If you do not want your person photographed I will honor that, however I will ask if you would kindly write down an honest comment of your experience, and at least your first name, and your city where you are from. I honor people’s privacy.

Thank You- hope to hear from you soon.