As a one-man operation, yeah I’m better than Superman. And since I’m in the salesman mode, I do suggest for my couples, a nice 4 course Asian style meal.

  1. Start you off with some steamed mandu. A Korean style steamed dumpling, filled with your choice of protein. Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, Beef, or Tofu if you’re a vegan. And a ramekin of a Korean sweet sauce with some heat, with hints of garlic and ginger.
  2. Then I’ll head to the wok for a stir fry, with your choice of protein, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp or Fish, or Tofu. This one we’ll use kimchi cabbage as the flavoring, it’s garlicky and gingery, more heat. Then I’ll plate it with some hot steamy rice on the side. As you partake in that, I head to the wok again for…..
  3.  A more salty type of wok dish, again, you choose the protein, and I’ll whip up something that is trending for the discriminating foodie. The use of…fish sauce. That’s right, fish sauce is a main ingredient in lots of Asian style cooking, however too much of it, well let’s just say it will make your home fill with an aroma that’s well…fishy. But by using fish sauce sparingly with citrus, it makes a wonderful flavor. Just think, if you love seafood stew, well.. or…ah… anchovies? Tuna salad? Ok, I will say this, most of my clients that never had fish sauce, right now, they buy bottles of it and use it in their own cooking. Seriously.
  4. And for dessert, I can whip up some simple brownies, with homemade chocolate sauce. BAM!!!!!

Ok foodies, hope to hear from you in seconds, hurry up pick up your phone, I got bills to pay. LOL, no have a safe and wonderful day guys.

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