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April 2016


Visting Maui on a vacation?

Have you been away from home for so long that you forgot how comfort foods tasted like? Busy with your career, always eating out? OK, once in a while you’ll hit your favorite diner for some comfort foods, but when was the last time you’ve had it in your home?

Here’s what I can do for you & your special other half, and a few others up to 8 people.

  • A nice garden salad with crisp lettuce, onions, olives, and tomatoes with an Asian style vinaigrette.
  • Home style beef stew, with potatoes, carrots and celery, with that brown gravy at the bottom of the pan.
  • Garlic mashed potatoes
  • Fudge brownies with a chocolate sauce, all made from scratch.

Prices start at $200.00 + (Cash only, prices include shopping for ingredients, travel, cooking, serving, cleaning up)

Note: For this package, if you don’t have plates, bowls, flatware, I can supply disposable items for service for a slight extra charge.

Call me at 808-385-7667


Mother’s Day 2016 is a time to honor your mom, she’s been there for you, and now it’s time to treat her right. For Mother’s Day I’m making the month of May, Mother’s Month. There’s nothing like having mom relax, in her own home, no need to drive anywhere, eliminating traffic, and parking. Plus you never know when someone out there will just ruin a special moment, it happens at times.

Well- if you are on Maui, and you want to treat your mom like the Queen she is, I can make her month special.

How about treating mom, to a special breakfast in-home. I can prepare a nice little breakfast for her, and a few family members to share the occasion. Check out this special menu.

  • Start of the breakfast with fresh squeezed orang juice, & a morning paper.
  • Some fresh fruit, like papaya and pineapple.
  • Soft silky scrambled eggs, made with milk, and not overcooked.
  • Homemade pork patties, with a little spice, pan seared to perfection.
  • Roasted herbed potatoes or toast with butter.
  • French pressed coffee.

Starts at $175.00 (includes shopping for all ingredients, cooking, serving, and clean up. Taxes not included, cash only)

Call me at 808-385-7667  Facebook: chefsambrano  Twitter: @ronsambrano


Can we get nuts, creative, and down right delicious from the wok? Sure we can. Here’s my next package-

Designed for you couples out there, and if you love surf and turf, this is my version of an Asian American wok style.

Start you both off with some

Beer Battered  Scallops, served with a homemade lemon capers mayonnaise.

Wine: A Chardonnay 

Wok Art 1- Pepper Lobster- 2 lobster tails, sliced and wok fried quickly with garlic, butter, oyster sauce, and sambal. This is a little hot. With zucchini, red bells.

Wine- A Zinfandel

Wok Art 2- A prime ribeye of beef, sliced thin, and quickly wok seared with garlic, ginger, black beans. Then plated over a bed of white rice. Then the wok is returned to the flame to stir fry some shiitake mushrooms, green beans, and red bells. The veggies are a topping to he juicy ribeye slices.

Butter Mochi for dessert. Baked at your home, and plenty for the next few days to share with friends at the office, or future guests.

Coffee: French Pressed Kona

All service ware will be provided, as well as candles. * Wines are standard purchased, if any other special wine request, additional charges will apply. * All ingredients are standard, if organics is requested, additional charges will apply.


Call Chef Ron- 808-385-7667


Japanese American style for you, I can create something memorable. Putting together a four course dinner, complete with a salad, miso soup, teriyaki wagyu ribeye with shrimp tempura, and a fresh made butter mochi. Two bottles of wine, a nice Chardonnay, and a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

Start off with a cucumber and tofu salad, with a sweet ginger dressing.

Then a nice shiro miso soup with green onions, made with fresh dashi, not instant.

Then the entree, a surf and turf with a pan seared Wagyu prime ribeye beef, sliced with a  fresh made teriyaki drizzle. And then the deep fried shrimp tempura, with a hot and spice mayonnaise dip. Entree served with a Hawaiian style fried rice out of a carbon steel wok, seasoned with sesame, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, onions, Portuguese sausage.

And the dessert, a sweet baked butter mochi, cut into squares, so delicious you’ll have extra for you to share.

Comes with all the table setups, saucers, bowls, plates, glasses etc.

This is experience will be done with total care for your enjoyment.

Total cost, including food & ingredients, shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and clean up $500 (No credit cards at this time, or checks, cash only please).

Contact me and leave a message, Chef Ron- 808-385-7667



Who thinks that Marlin isn’t a good eat? Do you? Marlin is really delicious meat, for a big gamer, she’s firm, but not too tough. You can make sashimi, poke, smoke it, grill it, pan cook it-the sky is the limit with this fish.

I decided to make a Thai Style Au a while back, in fact if you follow my other blog on Google, I wrote up on this dish. What I did was purchase 2-8 oz. loin filets, the color was kind of light pink/red, and very firm, perfect for pan cooking. Basically I used some quality cooking oil, ginger, and cooked it medium, about 4 minutes on each side. Took it out of the pan, and returned the pan to the medium-high setting. Then added a pinch more of ginger, 2 tbsp. of soy sauce, 2 tbsp. of fish sauce (patis), 2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice, 1/2 tsp. of sambal oelek (garlic chili sauce), and sugar to round off the flavor. Made a quick pan sauce, and drizzled it over the marlin filet. I used what ever veggies I had on hand which was cucumber and a very ripe tomato. Wedge of lime and some green onion for garnish.

It was pretty good-simple you know?

Have a nice day guys- Chef Ron. 808-385-7667

Cool Luncheons for the Ladies


April is in full-swing, and as the days get warmer and hotter, I can do some really cool lunches for you ladies. If you want to eat in and not drive to your favorite luncheon spot, hire me and we can do some really nice comfort meals.

Parties up to 12 maximum.

$45.00 per hour taxes included, shopping for ingredients not included. $15.00 per head after 4 person count.

  • Cold sandwiches, roast beef, ham, turkey, vegetarian.
  • Fruit salads, fresh papayas, watermelon, apples, lychee, dragon fruit, star fruit, pineapples.
  • French bread pizzas, topped with your favorite toppings.
  • Pan grilled fish, ahi, mahi or ono.
  • Sushi rolls, with market available fish.
  • Ahi poke (cubed yellow fin tuna, raw with marinade and onions).


If you want to treat your other half to something special, a good Asian style dinner in your home. For the rest of April I have this going on for you, considering you are staying in west Maui.

There’s nothing like eating in your own home when you are tired from playing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, or maybe you live and work here. Driving is out of the question. So what is the alternative to eating awesome food? Hire me, and I’ll do all the work for you.

Here’s the Couples Special for the rest of April.

A 3 course Asian dinner out of the wok.

Course #1- Shrimp Tempura with your choice of sauce. Sweet & sour, Hot & Spicy, or a Ponzu.

Course #2- Beef with Black Beans & Veggies.

Course #3- Almond Chicken.

Served with white rice.  $130.00 (includes tax, shopping fees, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up).

$20.00 extra charge for plates, utensils, drinking glasses.

Call me and leave a message 808-385-7667

Time For In-Home Cookin!

Me Chow Fun Shaka

Once upon a time, only the rich and wealthy individuals and families could afford their own private chef. Families with names like, Howell, Kenwood, Ford, Carnegie, Gates and Jobs. They paid their chefs a handsome sum of a salary to live with them, and to travel with them.


Affordable personal chef services is the in-thing! That’s right my friends, and the one and only Ron Sambrano aka the best Asian American Comfort Food Chef in the World, is here to serve you and your loved ones, some of the best comfort foods in your own home.

My fees are totally affordable. Here are some of the reasons why you should forego a night on the town.

  1. No need to drive
  2. No need to find parking
  3. No need to deal with possibly loud obnoxious diners sitting next to you.
  4. In a restaurant you can’t tell what the chefs been doing, you don’t know if he went to the bathroom and forgot to wash his hands, ew!
  5. You and your date can dress however you want, naked if you like.
  6. You don’t need to listen to that depressed guitar player singing about his lost love! Gag me!
  7. And the best thing is this, you can get fully loaded, drunk out of your minds, you ain’t driving, you just eat, get drunk and crash on the couch, while I clean up the place.

You see my friends, hiring a personal chef is the in-thing.

Let’s say  you and your date spent the night out, and went to eat Chinese food. After the hassle of driving into town, finding parking, dealing with jerks along the way, getting your table, and the food was okay, you spent almost $50.00 for dinner. And about $10.00 for parking, and tip $15.00, and then you went to Baskin and Robins for ice cream, that’s another $12.00, and then you came home, and went into the fridge to eat some leftovers because you just wanted to snack, well… that’s pretty interesting.

Now if you hired me, you are going to pay about $120-$150 for personalized service. But this is what you get. And I’m talking couples especially are the ones that make out on the bottom line with my services.

  1. Most Chinese or Asian meals are served as one entree for both to share. Meaning if you went to your favorite Chinese restaurant and paid $50.00 for 3 entrees plus rice and drinks and $15.00 for tip, you may have some leftovers. But with me, I’ll make sure you have leftovers, and I’ll package it up for you in ziplock bags for you.
  2. Value, you get more value. You get to watch me add in the ingredients, in fact when ever I cook Asian foods, I welcome you into the kitchen (which is yours in the first place), and I’ll ask, “Hey how does this sauce taste like? You want more soy sauce? More sweet? More sour?” And that’s totally valuable.
  3. If you got a special request, if you want to get risqué with a dish, I can do that. For instance, you want to get some fish sauce in the dish but never tried it. Well, we’ll add the sauce together, until it is right for you.
  4. If I’m feeling really good, I’ll throw in a special meal for you to eat the next day. Why? Because I love what I do, and I love you folks.

So don’t look at the numbers, “Hey this guy charges $120.$150? Really?” Yeah, it may be more guys, but you get quality. And you know what I’m doing every step of the way. Like, washing my hands, that’s right, you get to see that I’m not doing something unsanitary. Anytime I go to a restaurant and can’t see the cooking crew, I get second thoughts. Alright then, so call me if you need me. I am here to serve you.

Chef Ron. 808-385-7667

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