If you want to treat your other half to something special, a good Asian style dinner in your home. For the rest of April I have this going on for you, considering you are staying in west Maui.

There’s nothing like eating in your own home when you are tired from playing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, or maybe you live and work here. Driving is out of the question. So what is the alternative to eating awesome food? Hire me, and I’ll do all the work for you.

Here’s the Couples Special for the rest of April.

A 3 course Asian dinner out of the wok.

Course #1- Shrimp Tempura with your choice of sauce. Sweet & sour, Hot & Spicy, or a Ponzu.

Course #2- Beef with Black Beans & Veggies.

Course #3- Almond Chicken.

Served with white rice.  $130.00 (includes tax, shopping fees, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up).

$20.00 extra charge for plates, utensils, drinking glasses.

Call me and leave a message 808-385-7667