Can we get nuts, creative, and down right delicious from the wok? Sure we can. Here’s my next package-

Designed for you couples out there, and if you love surf and turf, this is my version of an Asian American wok style.

Start you both off with some

Beer Battered  Scallops, served with a homemade lemon capers mayonnaise.

Wine: A Chardonnay 

Wok Art 1- Pepper Lobster- 2 lobster tails, sliced and wok fried quickly with garlic, butter, oyster sauce, and sambal. This is a little hot. With zucchini, red bells.

Wine- A Zinfandel

Wok Art 2- A prime ribeye of beef, sliced thin, and quickly wok seared with garlic, ginger, black beans. Then plated over a bed of white rice. Then the wok is returned to the flame to stir fry some shiitake mushrooms, green beans, and red bells. The veggies are a topping to he juicy ribeye slices.

Butter Mochi for dessert. Baked at your home, and plenty for the next few days to share with friends at the office, or future guests.

Coffee: French Pressed Kona

All service ware will be provided, as well as candles. * Wines are standard purchased, if any other special wine request, additional charges will apply. * All ingredients are standard, if organics is requested, additional charges will apply.


Call Chef Ron- 808-385-7667