Egg Fu Young in Wok Wide Angle 1

Wok cooking is the greatest, it is my favorite way to cook for myself, my family, friends, and you. Take for instance sushi making. Long ago, sushi wasn’t that creative, but now? Do you see all the foodies flocking to sushi bars as the creativity is going off the hook? Well, who’s to say we can’t get creative with the wok?

Now I come from a Filipino American household growing up. The Filipino style of cooking has influences from China, Japan, Korea, Spain, and even Portugal. Let me explain how we cook from Hawaii where I grew up. We took influences from other cultures and made it our own. I remember we’d make teriyaki beef, and immediately for the reason of not having a lot of money to buy expensive ingredients, we’d take the teriyaki and toss it into spaghetti noodles with veggies. Our poor version of a noodle dish.

We were the kings and queens of mix and matching foods from other cultures. If we were low on rice, but had won ton wrappers, we’d steam the wrappers, and eat it with mom’s Swiss steak. It was like dumpings in a stew.

So let’s take wokking to another level. Let’s say you and your loved one want to eat in for the night. You want it romantic, no problem because I can supply the dining setups, from plates, bowls, flatware, wine glasses and wine too. We can get creative with the wok, as many dishes as you can handle. And get this, if you hire me, why not order extra meals, then you and your lover can store it in the fridge, or freezer. I can wrap it up nice and tight in zip bags for you. Complete with heating up instructions.

Lets say, you want to start off with an appetizer. Get creative, maybe you want a pizza type of lumpia. Great, we can stuff those crepe wrappers with marinara, cheese, pepperonis and mushrooms.

You want beer battered shrimp? OK let’s do that, but maybe a Vietnamese type of stir friend sauce to go with it? How about a prime Wagyu beef ribeye, sliced thin, and stir fried quickly with a simply soy sesame sauce? Or maybe a steamed fish with some bacon? Hey guys sky’s the limit with a wok.

Call me soon for a creative dining at home experience.

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