Sometimes there’s nothing like a great lunch cooked at home. Maybe you’re not a cook, or you are, but just plain tired of cooking! Have no fear, Chef Ron is here. I do the shopping, prepping, and cooking, serving, and clean up.

Recently I cooked for a couple here on Maui. They wanted something healthy. So I suggested a roasted chicken breast, a whole one. Weighed about two pounds with the bone and skin on. Now skin on? Healthy? Well, OK, you got me there, but it’s a little more healthy than eating… fried chicken smothered with mayonnaise.

This is the menu for their lunch.

CHICKEN SANDWICH – Chicken Breast (Whole) Roasted, dusted with paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Sliced. All Grain sandwich bread, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mustard. Side of chips (Quality Organic brand).

FRESH LIME WATER- Homegrown fresh limes, sliced and squeezed into fresh filtered ice cold water.

In an hour, the chicken breast was roasted, rested, and sliced. Then made into sandwiches. As we waited for the roasting, I sliced up the rest of the chicken. Making stock from the backbone. And sliced off the wings, and legs for them to cook later. The husband said he’d grill it. Hey that’s easy and the best way since it’s summer time.


Cooked Roasted Chix Breast
Resting the Breast for 10 minutes
A Sliced Chix Breast
Sliced & Ready for the Bread

Hope to hear from you soon.