Gravy or curry, is a dish that several countries calls their own. Let me rephrase that, gravy or curry, is gravy seasoned with curry spices…ah… am I making sense? Probably not. OK, let’s break it down. In western cuisine, we just call gravy, well-gravy. Now countries such as Thailand, India, and even Malaysia call gravy curry, or rather flavored gravy.

Generally chefs will use curry spices to create a flavored spicy flavored gravy. If you go to your local market, there’s a good chance you’ll see bottles of curry powder in the spice section. Or you’ll find it sold in blocks that is in boxes. Which ever you use, it will spice up your- well- gravy.

If you want me to cook for you Beef Curry like the picture you see here, I can do it. It takes about 2 1/2 hours for the beef (brisket) to become fork tender. Contact me CHEF RON, this dish can be a great dish for couples in love. I can whip up few appetizers, and have a nice bottle of fruity white at the ready.