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April 2017

SPICED OUT BEEF! Outta The Wok With Love!


Lovers need more spice to their love life! I am the Chef of Love, my Spiced Out Beef! Wok Masterpiece hits the spot. A Schezwan inspired stir fry,

Sichuan is a southwestern Chinese province that contains a stretch of Asia’s longest river, the Yangtze. The region is the home of giant pandas, which visitors can observe at Bifengxia Panda Base and other reserves. Chengdu, the provincial capital, is a center for traditional Sichuanese opera, which include fire-breathing and sleight-of-hand mask changes.

The cuisine boasts the popular Sichuan Pepper, unlike the standard American Chinese style of Canton decent, Schezwan is hot and spicy, utilizing lots of garlic, heat from the peppers, sherries, rice wines (Shoaxing), it makes this style rather gourmet.

Angus Flank sliced thin across the grain, zucchini, onions, a combination of sweet, sour, (Umami), and heat, drink some hot tea to sooth the tongue, served with a bottle of Riesling. You and your lover can take your evening at home to the maximum.

Email me if you and your lover want it Spiced! CHEF SAMBRANO

I’m on Maui, Hawaii, and soon will be in Las Vegas, NV 🙂 Thanks!


One of the popular Chinese Style Stir Fries is the Chicken Asparagus Black Bean Sauce, the standards apply, garlic and ginger (got to have it), shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil, salt and pepper, some oyster sauce, and fresh cut asparagus, with salty Asian style black beans that’s fermented and gives a somewhat light pungency that is culinary genius. Great for lunch or dinner. I had one client call me, and said this, “Hey Ron, it was so good, the leftovers, me and my girl made a sandwich out of that, it was awesome!” I was like, “Really? Hey I guess Subway will be doing something like this soon.” Haha.

Email me at CHEF SAMBRANO for your Wok Session 🙂

I’m on Maui, Hawaii, and will be in Las Vegas, NV soon. 🙂




CHOW FUN! The soft rice/wheat noodle that is steamed and cut into strands of love, it absorbs the flavors, so unique, so simple. The Chinese and Italians, all about the noodle. All about loving simplicity in life. Food for the soul, no gimmicks, no fluff, just good food.

You and your lover will love Chow Fun in this case, it is spicy beef chow fun, of course cooked in a carbon steel wok. The ingredients, quality Angus flank, sliced thin across the grain, and then marinated in rice wine, sesames, and coated with cornstarch. Red hot chili flakes, chili garlic sauce (sambal), garlic, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, scallions, and of course the noodles added in right before it is served.

This makes a great lunch meal, so if you and your lover is thinking of just relaxing on a day off at your home, schedule my lunch, and I’ll come on over, and make you a Chinese influenced lunch. 2-4 courses, that’s the norm. Maybe start off with a simple steamed won ton filled with pork and veggies, and do a couple of stir fries, and end it with some fresh baked sugar cookies, with some caramelized pears. You can supply the beverages, or I can go do the shopping for you on that. Tea is served with this style automatic.

Email me if you need a personalized chef service for you and your lover at CHEF SAMBRANO

I’m on Maui, Hawaii, but will soon be in Las Vegas, NV. Thank U 🙂


As 2017’s first quarter came to an end, I’m refocusing my services. First of all, I’m concentrating on keeping my menu simple. Really going back to what I love to do, and not having a million things to offer. Keeping it simple as possible, I will be offering only dishes that come out of a wok, or a stovetop pan. Keeping it simple, refocusing on creativity, and quality foods of Asian American roots. My Wok, is My Life! So here is a dish, I can prepare for you, my lovers, my friends. Oh yeah, my focus is only serving up personal chef services to couples in love. I serve all, and if you are in the LGBT community, I am not by any means prejudice, I love you all!

Pork Mushrooms, nothing like a seared stir fry, aroma filled with garlic, ginger, sesame, oyster, shoyu (soy sauce), a true wok dish smokes out your home. (Turn off the smoke alarm), it will go off.


This picture is a pan that weighs 4 + pounds, looks delicious eh? The good thing I tell couples is this. When you hire me, I can make your dinner, lunch, or breakfast and make extra, and seal it with my professional grade vacuum sealing bags, and save it in your freezer, voila! You get your fresh cooked and served meal for the time I’m on the clock, and if you like, I’ll prepare extras for you.

Pork Mushrooms done right, out of a carbon steel wok. If you have an electric stove, my carbons steel woks won’t work right on those apparatus, I’ll need to use my nonstick versions, and the product will work also, but it won’t generate the flavor that you’d get out of a carbons steel, all of my woks are exclusively made by professional wok makers, and I get them at the Wok Shop in San Francisco, CA. Or if your kitchen is big enough, I can set up a butane burner on a table that I will supply. Some kitchens are rather small, so if you do have an electric stove, I’ll have to use a nonstick wok, but I know how to make it all work for you.

The ingredients for this dish, to be quite honest, the only ingredient that was all natural or organic, was the chicken breast (free range). The rest of the ingredients were what I used all my life in restaurants, and at home. There’s some products that are labeled organic, or all natural, but does not offer the same flavors, the facts are a lot of Asian restaurants you eat at, use a lot of the same ingredients I use. However, if you want all organic, the cost will be more for obvious reasons.

*Let me know if you are allergic to any oils, nuts, dairy or what have you, in fact I do need to know if you or your lover have any food allergies.  You’ll need to sign a waiver before I prep and cook.

Below is the wok in action, because my woks are 14″ in diameter, I need to cook proteins in batches, if not, the proteins in this case pork, will not get a nice char or crust on it. The trick to a good wok meal, is that it is not steamed, unless the recipe calls for it, this is a stir fry dish, hence I need to fry the proteins, and everything else that hits this wok, a beautiful thing I must say. Usually a dish I prepare will call for at least 8-10 ounces of protein, and a few ounces of fibrous vegetables, and a sauce or wok gravy.


The next photo below, inside of this wok, is garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, scallions, and white mushrooms, soy sauce (shoyu), oyster sauce, apples cider vinegar, sesame oil, and lots of love baby!POKR MUSHROOMS (WOK) 2

Photo below, chicken stock has been added to the wok, in a few minutes the gravy or sauce will thicken by the cornstarch dusting of the pork earlier, it is seasoned lightly one more time with salt and pepper, and the finished product is that first picture at the top of this blog.


I’m on Maui, Hawaii and will be relocating to Las Vegas, NV soon.

E-Mail me at CHEF SAMBRANO if you need a personal in-home Asian American Wok Session.

Love and Aloha: Chef Ron 🙂

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