I did a breakfast the other morning for a couple in love here on Maui, it was simple. Fresh squeezed O.J., a fresh organic papaya, seeded, and filled with grapes, pineapple, and some melons, topped with fresh squeeed lemons, and topped with some pure cane brown sugar. French pressed Kona, some Portuguese sausage, and my simple creation called the ‘Cheezeggy’….

Simply a grilled American cheese sandwich (2) slices, grilled in a hot buttered pan. And then 2 over easy large eggs cooked in butter, and placed over the grilled cheese, hence the ‘Cheezeggy’….topped with sea salt, and fresh ground black pepper. Did the two loverbirds love it? They sure did, why? It was simple and comforting.

And that’s me my friends, Ron the simple chef for lovers! Call me 808-385-7667 for an entertaining breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your place!