Lemon Chicken, a Chinese style dish. Simply made with dark meat chicken thighs, skin on, bone off. Seasoned with salt and pepper, depending on the eater (client), sometimes I’ll marinate the meat in sherry wine, sesame oil, and pepper, and dredge it in cornstarch for a rather crisp exterior but a juicy insides. This was simply seasoned and coated in flour. It was wok fried, and each piece was dipped in a lemon sauce. The lemon sauce generally is very tangy, since it is…lemon sauce. However with the American style Chinese foods, eaters on this side of the globe for some reason wants their lemon sauce more on the sweet side, making it a… sweet and sour sauce with hints of lemon. This is a tricky sauce. So if you hire me, I do need to know, if you can handle the tanginess of lemons, or you are more on the sweet side of the tanginess. The good thing is, you’ll get the flavor you want. Sometimes you go to a restaurant and request something on the menu to be less pronounced and the chef gives you an attitude. So then. Lemon Chicken can be any flavor you want it to be. Heck you might want tangerines instead of lemons it’s all good.