Couples listen up, I know you are tired at times, totally burnt out on the everyday rigors of making a living. So how about this, treat yourself to a dine in, that’s right, a dine in, in your own home. And listen before I get to the nitty gritty, think for one moment. Just think, “Hey I am special, I need to treat myself, and the one I love with love, and compassion, and there’s no better place than in our own home.” Think that. Remember when you were growing up? The best times, were enjoying company in your own home. Mom would be…or maybe dad would be, or someone that loved you would be in the kitchen, slicing, chopping, mixing, cooking and serving up some awesome home cooking. The conversations were real, and there was warmth and lots of love in there, I can guarantee you that. Simple isn’t it? Yes it is.

So here’s what I do, I’m a personal chef that cooks up very simple but very delicious Asian American comfort foods. That’s right, you heard it, hey I’m not some Michelin 3 star chef, I’ll be honest. But, I am a chef that loves people that are in love. I come from a rather good size family, and we cooked let me tell you. Anything from American style meatloaf and cutlets, to Japanese style teriyaki, and katsu, or maybe Filipino braises like adobo, and noodles like pancit. We covered all the popular dishes in our home. And people would come over and just enjoy simple food.

Hey I want to bring back simplicity to your lives. Maybe it’s just a week night in, and you don’t want to go to a restaurant. Well call me, I’ll work something out for you. Appetizer, Soup, Salad, 2 Entree, Dessert. Gluten Free, Fat Free? I’ll work with you. Now here’s my style of service, it’s totally the way I grew up. You want a steak? That’s one entree and it’ll be a good one, both of you will share..or not. But the way I serve, is I cook, and when it’s done, it’s plated and then it’s on the table in front of both of you. Then I cook the next dish, and put it in front of you and your loved one.

My style of cooking is this, there will be something good in front of you to eat at all times, maybe some pupus (small eats)… When you hire me, you’ll have something to eat constantly. You order a 4 course meal, I’ll throw in some stuff for you to sample, that’s the value I add to each gig. Okay, enough already time for you and I to get busy. Me, I’m going to look around the town and see what is happening with foodies. That’s my thing. And if you want to read a food blog, go to

Thanks Until Next Time