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Gravy or curry, is a dish that several countries calls their own. Let me rephrase that, gravy or curry, is gravy seasoned with curry spices…ah… am I making sense? Probably not. OK, let’s break it down. In western cuisine, we just call gravy, well-gravy. Now countries such as Thailand, India, and even Malaysia call gravy curry, or rather flavored gravy.

Generally chefs will use curry spices to create a flavored spicy flavored gravy. If you go to your local market, there’s a good chance you’ll see bottles of curry powder in the spice section. Or you’ll find it sold in blocks that is in boxes. Which ever you use, it will spice up your- well- gravy.

If you want me to cook for you Beef Curry like the picture you see here, I can do it. It takes about 2 1/2 hours for the beef (brisket) to become fork tender. Contact me CHEF RON, this dish can be a great dish for couples in love. I can whip up few appetizers, and have a nice bottle of fruity white at the ready.




My Filipino background allows me to cook for you something you might not think of as delicious, in fact you may find this dish rather risqué. What is beef tripe?

The answer is from

A:While beef tripe is not very popular in the United States, it is a favored dish in many countries. Beef tripe is made from one of the first three stomachs of the cow, which is also used to make rennet for cheese. Many types of tripe are bleached and blanched. These processes can cause the tripe to be white and pale in color. Due to its toughness, tripe needs to be cooked for long periods of time to tenderize it. The preferred method for preparing tripe is boiling.

This notion of eating the cow’s stomach can possibly leave you feeling queasy, indeed faint. However, growing up, this whitish, muscular part of the cow cooked long and slow in a liquid made of tomato sauce, fish sauce (patis), ginger, garlic, bay leaves, salt and pepper, can fill you up.

There is really no foul aroma for the tripe has been cleaned very intricately before it is sold at market. A dish like this will take at least two hours to slow cook to tender, if using a pressure cooker, the time could be less of course. If you do want to try this dish and other Filipino or Asian American dishes, contact me at CHEF RON.


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp Tempura Asparagus Roll 6***.JPG

Start off your evening with a roll or two of Shrimp Tempura Rolls with spicy mayonnaise, wasabi, soy sauce, and some Junmai Ginjo Sake. Lovers unite, sushi is a powerful aphrodisiac, for real. So call me soon, Chef Ron Sambrano for a lover’s night in. Meaning, once you are done dining and enjoying drink, and my services, you can take your lover straight to the bedroom-and bang away! Yee Ha! 808-385-7667





Spicy Eggplant


Spicy Eggplant? For you and your lover, this nice full bodied dish, with heat from jalapeño, a sauce from chicken stock, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, sugar, ginger and garlic. Paired with a nice lager beer, or a glass of red blend vino, or a nice zinfandel with spice notes.

This can be just one of the dishes you and your honey enjoys with me behind to wok, celebrating life and love. After all I am the chef of love. An evening with me, is an evening with joy! Don’t hesitate, call me Chef Ron Sambrano. 808-385-7667






If you need meals prepped for the next few days, or up to a week. I do offer gluten free meal preps. From sandwiches, soups, salads, and Asian American style entrees. Contact me via email: and let me know what your needs are.

Just a reminder, I am not a registered dietician or a nutritionist. However, if you do have any preferences, I can look up certain standard recipes to satisfy your gluten free hunger. Prices will vary depending on what I need to do. There are very good quality ready made gluten free products on the market, and together we can put a good meal plan for you, cooking from (almost scratch), but delicious and healthy.

If you do want me to make breads from scratch, that takes too long, I do suggest we work with a bakery locally that can bake the breads fresh, especially if I’ll be using them for sandwiches. However, I can do it, but remember the cost will be more because of time. I try to get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Same with stocks and broths for soups. If you want beef stock, pork stock, or chicken and seafood stocks made from scratch that will take time, the cost will be up there. In Asian cooking we make stocks a little different than our European counterparts, where roasting of bones is prevalent. We generally boil ours with raw bones and not roasted bones. If you want richer stocks, I do add ready made broths and stocks to fresh boiled bones and vegetables to create richer stocks, broths, and sauces.

I promise you a delicious product nonetheless.


I’m a Pet Chef Too :)

If you have a pet, a cat or dog, I can prepare fresh foods for them. For cats, I can cook up fish, then grind them into containers for kitty cat, no preservatives, no sodium added. And I’ll freeze them in your freezer. Just thaw and serve kitty.

For dogs, I can do the same by using 100% beef, from various cuts. I can save you money by using stewing cuts, and stewing it without preservatives, or lots of sodium. I’ll cool it down, and ziplock it and freeze it for your beloved dog.

Maui/Las Vegas services available during certain times of the year.



Your pets are part of your family, treat them with love, feed them good fresh foods that we humans can eat.

Contact me email


Salmon Sashimi

Start your in-home dinner with an appetizer platter of fresh sliced Salmon Sashimi



Healthy Spring Rolls, fresh green leafy lettuce.


Organic carrots


Rice vermicelli


Organic Japanese cucumber


Rice wrappers


Finished up and ready for any flavor dip or sauce!


August Dinner For 2 In Home Special

If you are residing in West Maui, either as a visitor staying in a condo, timeshare, or residence. Or a local, I have an In Home Dining Experience for you! No need to drive off of your property to deal with parking, and other loud and obnoxious diners.

I’ll be doing this simple Asian Style Wok Dinner, complete with Appetizer, Rice, 2 entrees, and Dessert, and matching bottles of wine for only $125.00.

Appetizer: Steamed Pork Wontons with Spicy Ginger Soy Sauce

Entree 1: Kung Pao Chicken

Entree 2: Shrimp with Rice Noodles

Dessert: Tea Cookies & Ice Cream

Chilled White Wine

  • Extra Charges for table settings and flatware.

Send me a message on Facebook Ronald R Sambrano, or email: I apologize, I will not take any initial phone calls at this time. Mahalo, Chef Ron.

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