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Cooking for couples is something I love to do, yeah it’s a business, and I am working it baby! The reasons I love working with people in love is because it is the real thing. Two people sharing an intimate time together, in their own home, or where ever it is that they call their own space for their getting to love each other. And with this crazy hectic world, are you kidding me? I do not want to work in a busy restaurant with the owner yelling at me, or the exec chef cussin at me. And for the love of God, I do not want to be in charge of anything or anybody in a restaurant. I call this baby sitting. So lovers, I’m yours if you hire me, and I’ll make it comforting for you both.

My style if you haven’t been following me? Wok style, Asian American Style, stuff I grew up with. You love Chinese food? Okay, let the Chinese food come to you. Haven’t tried Filipino food yet? You gotta try it, it’s great. Maybe you’ve tried Vietnamese or Thai? Filipino foods kinda sorta like that. But Filipino foods, encompasses more styles than those… When the Spaniards made themselves at home in the Philippines from 1521 to 1898, these islands close to China, Vietnam and Thailand was influenced by lots of different cooking styles. Okay I’m Filipino/American. No I wasn’t born in the Philippines, I was born on Maui, in America. And no I haven’t traveled across the international dateline yet… but hey, it’s the food we’re talking about. Hire me, I’ll do you and your lover good, I mean the food that is… it’s a different kind of threesome okay? I’m not freaky. Haha.

Alright, the dish on this blog post is Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese influenced wokking, dark chicken meat, marinated in dark soy sauce, sesame oil, sherry, rice wine vinegar, and sugar. Which is also the sauce. Raw cashews instead of peanuts, red hot chili peppers, garlic and garnished with scallions, served with Cal Rose medium grain white, awesome just for two. Oh of course, I got an appetizer arsenal, salad arsenal, soup arsenal, more entrees, and desserts. Wine too. Table settings too. I’m your chef, waiter, and bartender all in one. Hope to hear from you soon.


Me and the Kung Pao Chicken


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ASIAN FRIED CHICKEN with a variety of Asian influenced sauces. Shoyu Mayonnaise, Spicy Fish Sauce, Sesame & Miso Cream.

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