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Japanese American style for you, I can create something memorable. Putting together a four course dinner, complete with a salad, miso soup, teriyaki wagyu ribeye with shrimp tempura, and a fresh made butter mochi. Two bottles of wine, a nice Chardonnay, and a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

Start off with a cucumber and tofu salad, with a sweet ginger dressing.

Then a nice shiro miso soup with green onions, made with fresh dashi, not instant.

Then the entree, a surf and turf with a pan seared Wagyu prime ribeye beef, sliced with a  fresh made teriyaki drizzle. And then the deep fried shrimp tempura, with a hot and spice mayonnaise dip. Entree served with a Hawaiian style fried rice out of a carbon steel wok, seasoned with sesame, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, onions, Portuguese sausage.

And the dessert, a sweet baked butter mochi, cut into squares, so delicious you’ll have extra for you to share.

Comes with all the table setups, saucers, bowls, plates, glasses etc.

This is experience will be done with total care for your enjoyment.

Total cost, including food & ingredients, shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and clean up $500 (No credit cards at this time, or checks, cash only please).

Contact me and leave a message, Chef Ron- 808-385-7667

Filipino Style for Spring


If you need a private chef for you and your loved one, and you are here on Maui for your honeymoon, or just a vacation. I can create a dining experience for you in your condominium. Call me and I can create a Filipino style meal that will satisfy you.

I execute simple cooking. I’m riding the comfort food train lately, especially if I’m cooking for someone in their own home or condo. I can do lots of meals with a Filipino influence such as, battered pork, chicken adobo style, pancit Canton (a Filipino Chow Mein). Maybe a fish soup, crispy shrimp lumpia, or some braised oxtails in wine with a touch of herbs.

So call me if you are in the area for 2016, I’ll do the shopping, cooking, serving and clean up. Ron Sambrano 808-385-7667 or email:



Cooking for couples is something I love to do, yeah it’s a business, and I am working it baby! The reasons I love working with people in love is because it is the real thing. Two people sharing an intimate time together, in their own home, or where ever it is that they call their own space for their getting to love each other. And with this crazy hectic world, are you kidding me? I do not want to work in a busy restaurant with the owner yelling at me, or the exec chef cussin at me. And for the love of God, I do not want to be in charge of anything or anybody in a restaurant. I call this baby sitting. So lovers, I’m yours if you hire me, and I’ll make it comforting for you both.

My style if you haven’t been following me? Wok style, Asian American Style, stuff I grew up with. You love Chinese food? Okay, let the Chinese food come to you. Haven’t tried Filipino food yet? You gotta try it, it’s great. Maybe you’ve tried Vietnamese or Thai? Filipino foods kinda sorta like that. But Filipino foods, encompasses more styles than those… When the Spaniards made themselves at home in the Philippines from 1521 to 1898, these islands close to China, Vietnam and Thailand was influenced by lots of different cooking styles. Okay I’m Filipino/American. No I wasn’t born in the Philippines, I was born on Maui, in America. And no I haven’t traveled across the international dateline yet… but hey, it’s the food we’re talking about. Hire me, I’ll do you and your lover good, I mean the food that is… it’s a different kind of threesome okay? I’m not freaky. Haha.

Alright, the dish on this blog post is Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese influenced wokking, dark chicken meat, marinated in dark soy sauce, sesame oil, sherry, rice wine vinegar, and sugar. Which is also the sauce. Raw cashews instead of peanuts, red hot chili peppers, garlic and garnished with scallions, served with Cal Rose medium grain white, awesome just for two. Oh of course, I got an appetizer arsenal, salad arsenal, soup arsenal, more entrees, and desserts. Wine too. Table settings too. I’m your chef, waiter, and bartender all in one. Hope to hear from you soon.


Me and the Kung Pao Chicken


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As this country becomes totally obese, the health of our loved ones who have diabetes is lessening their quality of life. I believe that most people understand what it takes to mitigate their diabetes problems, and it involves a diet that fits them. We’ve all heard diabetics say, “I can’t eat sugar… I can’t have my pizza, I can’t drink a soda.” While all of these are importantly very true, there are ingredients out on the market that are being utilized by professional chefs catering to the cooking of meals for diabetics. I have worked in the health food industry in the past, and no I am not a professional dietician, nor a nutritionist. However I have learned about healthy cooking by cooking for people looking for healthy foods. We needed to stock our hot bar with delicious foods one may eat at home, or comfort foods if you will. But by cutting back on high glycemic processed sugars, syrups and such, we used to make awesome meals by using organic agave nectar, and using Stevia. We would never use processed white sugar, but we would use brown raw sugar all the time in moderation. What I’ve learned is this, everyone who has diabetes either Types 1 or Types 2, will have different proportions made up for them during meal time, as you know each person is unique from height, weight, nationality, family makeup… you name it we are all different. For instance you may see an overweight man and automatically claim, “He’s a diabetic for sure.” But he’s not, but the skinny woman standing next to him is. You see what I mean?

One of my services is cooking healthy meals for you or your loved one friend or family, call me and I can help you prepare delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Or if only one person in  your party needs a healthy diabetic friendly meal I can customize it for you. Just remember, I will not cook for anyone unless I have an interview with that person, I will need a written instructions from his or her doctor, nutritionist, or dietician instructing types of foods that he or she can consume. Again I am not a licensed dietician or nutritionist but understand the ingredients that is needed to make an awesome meal that is diabetic friendly.

Serving portions are of importance and if you already have seen a professional in your meal preparations, you understand the portions that you can consume. I can only follow your professional health care providers instructions and prepare your meals, but I cannot stop you from eating more or less than you’re supposed to.

Fried Chicken, Pizza, Omelets, Steaks, Seafood, Fish, Beef Stews, Roasts, all of these types of home cooking can be customize for you using the safe ingredients for diabetics. I also use cook books for guides in cooking for diabetics, I’ll use certified books from the American Diabetes Association.

Just remember I can make your meals pleasurable again so please contact me by email


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Dinners for two can be as simple as staying home, and letting a personal chef come into your kitchen and casually prepare you both a nice meal. Such as a nice Greek Salad, some nice warm buttered dinner rolls,  and a couple of juicy beef sirloins with a simple homemade blended steak sauce. And for dessert, fresh baked peanut butter cookies. Flatware and glass can be provided for an extra charge, or we’ll use your own plates, flatware and glasses.



Contact me for more information  email:



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Living on Maui? At this time I am on Maui, so from now Sunday 2/16 to the end of the month, I have a special Romantic Casual Dinner for 2 for locals. That’s right, you the hard working braddah, you want to pamper your girl? Call me and for $130.00 I’ll include everything, the shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, and cleanup. 

This is what you’ll get.

Appetizer: Mandu, deep fried Korean style dumplings with a sweet sesame sauce with green onions garlic and ginger.

Entree 1: Kung Pao Chicken

Entree 2: Miso Ahi Steaks

Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce

* Entrees served with white rice. Will use your plates, bowls, glasses and flatware.

Contact: Ron Email:   808-385-7667 leave message pls. Cash Only Payment upon Completion of Dinner. No Credit Cards, Checks or Debit Cards, I roll on the honor system, if you cancel, you cancel. Mahalo.


If you want to sample the well known Filipino foods but can’t find a restaurant, or just don’t want to venture out of your abode, then call me and I’ll whip up a delicious dinner for 2 or up to 12, and I am affordable.

One of the appetizers that is popular to the Filipino food group is the deep fried lumpia (loom pee ah), it is like a won ton, or fried dumpling. Filled with anything you desire, from chicken, beef, pork, tofu, veggies or a combination of all those, wrapped in a thin skin wrapper made of wheat or rice, and deep fried and served with an assortment of dips such as vinegar ad garlic, or a spicy fish sauce, or plain shoyu (soy sauce)..

Call me and we’ll figure something out.



Pictured is deep fried lumpia makes a great appetizer, and if you like, I can also prep these for you ahead of time if you have a party you’re hosting in a day or two. I’ll prep them and all you do is deep fry them up when your party starts, there’s nothing like freshly fried lumpia, once the aroma permeates the air, your guests will be ready to delve into it like hungry wolves!

Contact: Chef Ron 808-385-7667 or Email:



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©2014 Fresh Luk Fun in wok searing with seasonings.

Wok Cooking is inexpensive generally speaking, and if you have a small gathering we can have a CHOW FUN Dinner any time of the day.

I make my rice noodles (Luk Fun) from scratch, can’t get any better than that. I can whip up enough for just a couple or up to a dozen, and it is like said affordable. It does take time to prep and steam the noodles and cool them and cut them into strips, however once it is done it’s time to have a filling meal. Hey Italians and Asians…we got lots in common and it’s simple filling noodles with great meats, sauces and seasonings.

I can flavor you noodles with black beans, black bean sauce, ginger and garlic with shoyu, or the standard mix of shoyu, oyster sauce, sesame oil with green onions, or a fish sauce.

Luk Fun Noodles with…




Or Seafood

Prices varies, but it is affordable in general. Depending on how much noodle sheets I need to steam up, the total time of the job will be approximately 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

Contact Chef Ron for more information 808-385-7667 or Email:







© 2014 This picture was taken in a home where a few roommates wanted a simple Filipino lunch made. It was casual and I charged them a very affordable rate.

Notice I’m in my St. Louis Rams Jersey (very casual), holding a Bibingka which is a buttery cake made with rice flour and lots of sugar and butter. The other dish I made for these guys was a simple roasted pork loin with a wine sauce with herbs Filipino style. Since they were good friends I charged them 75.00; not including the ingredients, plus they were right down the road from where I live.

Prices do vary but affordable.

Call Chef Ron 808-385-7667 Email:



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