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I remember watching my mom, dad, and late brother Harold cook. They did not waste anything. For instance trimmings of vegetables and meats were never thrown away if all possible. “You can make stock and soups with the trimmings,” my brother the trained chef would say. He was all about efficiency, productivity and being profitable. There was no reason the home kitchen could not be held accountable for waste.

“Save the extras, I can make stir fry tomorrow,” mom would say. And dad was more blunt, “Don’t throw that ______ _______ away!” OK. Save it, use it, feed the peeps right? Right.

So in this post, I fried some chicken skins. Like pork skins chicharrones, I saved some chicken skin from the legs, and coated it with salt and pepper and cornstarch hence Chickarrones. Great for beer busts, and snacking. OK, maybe not so healthy but once in a while if you love that kind of foods.

Love, enjoy each other. Rock & Roll all the way. Good food, good lovers, life is good my friends.



For you lovers that want to hire me for a simple lunch. That’s right. You both are home, and tired from all that love making, man you built up that late morning, noon hunger. But you don’t want to dress up and head to your local Chinese joint do you? I mean traffic, parking. Some bum at the corner harassing you for 10 bucks. And when you hand him 10, some other bums notice that you got cash, then they hit on you. Nope, don’t want that crap. In fact lovers work hard. You want to relax. Don’t you? So how about this, lunch time comes around, you call me up, “Hey Ron, me and my lover is hungry, can you make us (In your own kitchen), some fresh Chinese style?”

Imagine- you’re just at home, relaxing, watching the t.v., or not. And I do all the shopping, prepping, cooking (in your kitchen), and clean up, and leave. While you enjoy home cooking in your own home. Cool right? Of course. So I’ll come over, cook up some white sticky rice, set up the table for ya. (Oh, I can bring the alcoholic bevies to you, but for insurance and liabilities, you will need to open any bottles or cans and pour it yourselves.) But nonetheless, I’m whipping up whatever you order in my wok. Hey I’m a rocker baby! Heavy Metal, balls to the wall, I don’t full around, I make it happen! So I whip up the rice, set it on the table, I do the chow mein, set it on the table. Maybe some other dishes, or appetizers, all good my friends. Live life, Love it, enjoy it!



Salt & Pepper Chicken is a simple Chinese Style Island dish. Generally I use chicken thighs with the bone removed and skin on. It is marinated in soy sauce, and oyster sauce then floured and fried crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. However if a client does not want any soy or oyster sauce, I’ll omit it. Also if a client doesn’t want skin on, I’ll remove that as well. Or, if the breast meat is requested, that can be arranged. How is this dish eaten? Simply with a starch of white rice, brown rice or stir fried rice. In this picture there is 5 medium/small thighs. Usually when cooking for couples this is the amount they will get or possibly 4 large thighs. Either way, all the lovers will have extra food for the next day or evening. Live life, enjoy the abundance when it comes your way!

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